About Theology on the Ground

If you’re like me, you’ve noticed that there is a severe shortage of sound, Biblically faithful content on the web.

it seems like we’re living in a time when the trivial is more attractive than the deep and important and where a consistent, Christian message gets drowned out by all the watered down spiritual fluff.

We need more content online that is:

  • Solidly Biblical
  • Focused on Jesus
  • Deep and thoughtful
  • Practical and helpful

That's why I created Theology on the Ground!

Hi, My name is Matthew Kent and I started Theology on the Ground because I realized that it was time to be part of the change that I wanted to see.

I realized that God had been gracious enough to give me a love for his word and a burning desire to communicate what I have learned.

Since I started seriously following the Lord Jesus in 2005, I have absolutely devoured the Bible. I have read the Bible more than twelve times in that time frame, and I’m on pace to read it again this year (I’m on a plan that takes me once through the Old Testament and twice through the New Testament in a year).

My appetite hasn’t just been limited to the Bible, I’ve consumed more books on theology and Christian living than I can count, including reading straight through reference volumes such as Wayne Grudem’s “Systematic Theology.”

The thing is, I know that God didn’t bring me down that path to hoard up knowledge for myself, he wants me to share it with others.

The result of that realization is the website you are reading, Theology on the Ground. The goal is to glorify God by sharing what he has taught me, and trying to provide Biblically faithful, Christ-exalting content that will help you grown in your faith and understand the Bible in a deeper way.

To do this, I have been running a blog and a YouTube channel, and Lord willing I will add a podcast. I hope you enjoy your time on the site, but more importantly, I hope it brings you closer to Jesus.

A few fun facts about me:

My family

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that the person behind the blog is a real, flesh-and-blood human being. With that in mind, here are some random fun facts about myself that will help you get to know me:


  1. I’ve been at the same church for my entire adult life
  2. My favorite sport in college was Ultimate Frisbee
  3. I’ve read through five different translations of the Bible (NKJV, NASB, NLT, ESV, and NIV)
  4. I never received my actual high school diploma (but I promise that I graduated!)
  5. I’ve never played an instrument, but I’m trying to learn Sigur Ros’s Hoppípolla on our family’s piano
  6. My favorite book of the Bible is Romans
  7. My Favorite chapters are: Genesis 1-2, John 1, and Romans 1, 3, and 8
  8. My favorite Old Testament book is Ruth
  9. I have a beautiful wife named Sarah, a wonderful son named Elijah, and a fierce daughter named Norah
  10. I’ve lived in three different cities: I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, grew up in Tampa, Florida, and have lived my entire adult life in Gainesville, Florida